Coffee Tasting


Old City Coffee
“French” roast
Whole bean
Purchased in Philadelphia, Pa.

I bought a pound of this coffee when I was last in Philly with my wife. When I got it home I ground “10 servings” worth medium course and put it in the drip pot. The beans themselves had a nice dark roasted look and a great smell. First cup with a splash of skim milk. Rather disappointing flavor. Where I was expecting a great bold coffee flavor, I actually got a mild, slightly Starbuckish flavor (read as burnt bean). Overall I enjoyed the coffee over the weeks, but wouldn’t rave on or recommend for a great coffee experience.

Rating: 5 beans out of ten.

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A Children’s Treasury of Shitty English Coffee

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 8.54.14 AM

Tucking Mill View, Blighty —

Wake up in a beautiful countryside cabin in the rolling hills of south western England. What do you want as you sit on the porch and look at the view? Coffee. Yep, coffee. Caffeine. Cup-o-Joe.

I went into the cabin kitchen to find some coffee left for us by the thoughtful landlord. Start with one jar of mud colored instant coffee. Add boiling water. Get a cup of bitter and dull coffee with all the flavor of a road kill fox on the side of the M1.

This is an example of the typical cup one will get all over the island nation. You would think that after all the places in the world these jolly round dudes had conquered that they would have brought back some good coffee.

Tea – yes. Coffee – sadly no.

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Coffee of the Day


Just Coffee “Skateperk Grind” (I see what they did there). I bought this mostly to benefit the skatepark in Madison, and I really like Just Coffee products. The roast indicator on the package states that it is medium and dark roast. I ground it course and ran it through the Mr. Coffee. The grind didn’t produce a really great nose, but it was decent enough. The coffee is not bad. Too much “medium” roast for my tastes and not enough “dark.” It is a tasty coffee. There are some fine flavors and really subtle hints of a darker bean. Like all coffee from Just Coffee it is fair trade, organic and shade grown. Beans are from Columbia and Nicaragua. Grab a bag to help get the park built.

6 of 10 beans.

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Today’s Coffee


Medium roast – so it isn’t my preferred dark roast, but this is a good coffee. Crisp flavor, light, even flow. For those who enjoy a mellow coffee this will hit the spot.

6 beans out of 10.

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Today’s Coffee


Coffee by Allegro called Vienna Roast. I ground it medium, and served it with a splash of half and half. Quite disappointing. There was no grand coffee aroma while grinding and the flavor is rather bland. Not too good for what they charge for a pound.

3 beans out of ten. Pedestrian.

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Today’s Coffee


Colombian dark roast from Level Ground. Really excellent cup-o-Joe. I ground it medium-course, put it in the Mr. Coffee with the timer set for 6:30 A.M. The smell is pleasing enough alone to wake one from a wonderful large meal induced slumber and dreams of a post-apocalyptic dystopian future. The taste is very good, reminiscent of a nice chilled glass of Guinness in smoothness. Pure coffee flavor and goodness. 9.5/10 beans.

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Today’s Coffee – 17 Mar 14


Bought a couple of bags of this stuff in Isla Mujeres last week. Not bad, fairly straightforward medium-dark roast. It was already ground. Very fine. That is my only complaint. Good stuff though. I’ll give it 7 beans out of 10 in the good coffee bean rating system.

Sunset on Isla Mujeres, Mexico.

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