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Coffee Tasting

2015-04-12 19.19.36

This is by far my favorite everyday coffee. Great tasting blend of light and dark roasted beans. You can get it from Just Cofee and it benefits the only real progressive radio show out there Majority Report. Brew up a cup and let your leftyness shine.

Coffee of the Day


Just Coffee “Skateperk Grind” (I see what they did there). I bought this mostly to benefit the skatepark in Madison, and I really like Just Coffee products. The roast indicator on the package states that it is medium and dark roast. I ground it course and ran it through the Mr. Coffee. The grind didn’t produce a really great nose, but it was decent enough. The coffee is not bad. Too much “medium” roast for my tastes and not enough “dark.” It is a tasty coffee. There are some fine flavors and really subtle hints of a darker bean. Like all coffee from Just Coffee it is fair trade, organic and shade grown. Beans are from Columbia and Nicaragua. Grab a bag to help get the park built.

6 of 10 beans.