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I was standing in an Airbus A319 forward toilet having a wee when this thought came to me: if the plane suddenly exploded or came apart for some reason at 35000 feet what would I do; assuming that I did not die in the explosion?

Would I:

1. totally shit myself as I plummeted to my death in a writhing ball of angst, fear, negativity and anger?

2. relax and enjoy the flight as this would be my last experience alive on earth?

3. a combination of the two?

4. something unknown?

On first blush I think that I would probably totally wig out. That would seem to be the honest human reaction. But, having more of a think about this I realized that I would hopefully eventually enjoy the flight and the scenery. No matter how I reacted the outcome would be the same — splat to the ground and then the endless nothingness of the long dirt nap.

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