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One of the people pictured above is NOT a talented actor.

Editors Note: My wife does comedy improv, so I will start off by saying that I am biassed towards her acts, because duh. And they are also quite good.

I am a relative new comer to improvisational comedy. It never even crossed my sphere of existence until I started dating Amy, who would later become my wife. She, being entrenched in the scene led me to the entire experience.

The first show that I went to was at the Bovine Theater in downtown Denver. Amy has a two person show called “It’s All About Amy.” The joke is that she moderates the show about her own “past experiences” while the action is done by her partner, Jerod, who along with Amy is one of the most talented comedic actors in the Denver scene. You can find more at It’s All About Amy.

I started filming her shows and gathered a bit of knowledge about the art form from showing up and paying attention while filming. When I first started watching it was difficult for me in the sense that sometimes things seemed to lag. I’m just as guilty as anyone in the first world of having a short attention span. I’m working on the attention span thing. I like to think that I am still my own person and beyond the reach of soulless corporations who try to profit off me through a constant barrage of adverts and media blitzkrieg. Anyway, the lag issue went away when I tried to put myself in the actors shoes. Acting off the cuff for an hour and being funny doing so is a real talent. I have nothing but respect for anyone who can pull this off.

Amy has another show called ‘3 Blind Dates’ where three women enter a speed dating situation with three other people (usually three men, but they will also sometimes do same sex encounters). They switch between the three and then the audience picks out who should go out with who. The second half of the show consists of their various dates and results in a hilarious show which reaches a denouement of what happened after the date.

Great stuff. If you are not familiar with improv comedy check it out sometime. You will more than likely be pleasantly surprised.

3 Blind Dates is playing every 3rd Saturday of the month at Voodoo Comedy Playhouse at 1260 22nd Street, Denver, CO 80205. It’s all About Amy is playing at Site Listings.

Also, be sure to check out The Adventure Project, my beautiful wife’s other concern.

An Other Side Note

Last night after the 3 Blind Dates show ended I was sitting at the bar organizing my camera gear and having a beer. There was a group of women next to me shooting the shit. A male actor in one of the later shows dressed as a woman walks up to them out of the green room. I thought his costume was really great having just witnessed a female actor in 3 Blind Dates perform as a male. The guy in drag is talking to the ladies next to me and I just casually mentioned that everyone loves a bearded woman and his costume was exquisite. You would have thought that I pissed in his Cheerios by the reaction he had to my comment.

I’m not sure if the little millennial snowflake was offended that some old dude at the bar would dare speak to him, or if he was so wrapped up in his shitty little masquerade that any outside commentary would cause him to poop his trousers (or skirt in this case).

Anyway, junior, I suggest that if you want to be an actor you get a thicker skin or maybe bring your mommy to your shows to shield you from any “unpleasantness” in the form of an unsolicited comment from an old fart. Take a selfie and chill, or better yet eat a bag of salted rat dicks. Freaking millennials, just take off your god damned animal hats and grow a set. Everyone doesn’t get a trophy for every activity they do in the real world.

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