These two albums are 30 years old this year.

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Jam Econo

To me, the best two records of the 1980s are ‘Double Nickles on a Dime’ by the Minutemen and ‘Zen Arcade’ by Husker Du. They both still hold up to this day. They both will always be superb examples of the American Hardcore from the 1980s that shaped many of the people of my demographic’s lives.

To listen to them now in 2014 and still hear the craftsmanship, beauty, melody and sheer rock goodness is a testament to their greatness. If you have the vinyl, dig them out and put them on. You’ll thank me.


In my opinion Zen Arcade is one of the best records of the 1980s. Double Nickles is the best record of the 1980s.

From the first note of Anxious MoFo you are in for a rocking, funky, jazzy, burst of short, brilliant songs. The guitar playing of D. Boone is unique and never been paralleled. Mike Watt’s bass is innovative to say the least. It still speaks volumes today. George Hurley’s drumming is brilliant. The lyrical content is both immediate and profound. If you do not own it, buy it and listen. That’s really all I can say.

I must Look Like a Dork

“Since we heard mortar shells, we cuss more in our songs and cut down the guitar solos.” Followed by a great ripping 12 second solo. ‘Nuf said.

To get a great review of Zen Arcade written by a real writer check this link.

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