Tucked away on the left coast of Nicaragua on the pacific ocean near Costa Rica is a little town called San Juan Del Sur. Amy and I recently went there for a week and some days to check it out and experience a bit of Nicaragua.

We flew to Managua from Miami, then took an ostensibly 2 hour car trip to San Juan Del Sur. Being that there are only 2 lane roads in Nicaragua, the trip turned into over 4 hours due to farming, and trucking traffic. We arrived at our great B&B around dark and settled in.

View from the casita. Click pic to embiggen.

A quick walk from the B&B to the town center for many local restaurants and bars, some were really good. There seems to be live music in many of the establishments nightly.

San Juan Del Sur is a laid-back small town that caters mostly to surfers and back-packers. It is a pretty little town full of nice folks with tons of tourist options. Lets hope that Nicaragua and San Juan Del Sur in particular do not turn into Costa Rica levels of development and crowds. It is nice the way it is now. There are no chain restaurants or gaudy tourist attractions that would interest your average family from Ohio or New Jersey – which in my opinion makes it all that much more nicer.

The natural beauty of the area is outstanding, with rolling hills, trees and the pacific ocean. We were there during the dry season, so the weather was nice all the time. During the evening there was an ocean breeze that cooled things off. The beaches are great and the waves ranged from 3′ to over 10′. You may need a wet-suit for surfing if you are not used to chilly waters.

Some of the things that I enjoyed:
1. Nicaraguan Rum
2. Coffee
3. Cigars
4. Beaches
5. Natural Beauty
6. Lack of Crowds


Pacific Ocean

Get there before it turns into an over-developed freak show ala Costa Rica.