Being a semi-lazy geeky type who hates shopping malls, most SUV drivers and traffic, punk ass kids and big box retailers I do a boatload of shopping and commerce online. I regularly buy software upgrades, music, books, clothing, camera equipment and the like over the innerwebs and series of tubes.

I rarely have any issues with the online retailers who I buy from. B&H Photo and Apple are two good examples of online retailers who have their collective shit together. Where I run into problems and issues is with the delivery services employed by most of the online retailers. USPS, UPS and FedEx.

This year alone I have had at least 8 packages delivered to the wrong address. These are the ones I know of because the people at the wrong address were kind enough to bring the package to my house. I cannot begin to fathom of how much regular mail has been mis-delivered that I have never received. Which leads me to bitch number one: my postal delivery guy. My regular mailman usually delivers mail to my house around 7 PM. Sometimes I do not even get mail. Sometimes the entire block does not even get mail. If it is rainy or snowy or getting late I believe that he just chucks all the undelivered mail back into his truck and heads home. The thing that really bothers me about this guy is that he is a boozer who lets that effect his performance. Now, being a boozer alone is of no matter to me. Hell, if you know me, you know that I can toss back the bevy with the best of them. But, this guy seems to let his boozitudeness get in the way of doing his job. Whether it is delivering to the wrong address, not delivering, or delivering late. Shit, at least Bukowski did his freaking job most of the time.


Buk after a day of postal work.

UPS and FedEx will deliver on time, but they too deliver to the wrong address over and over again. My house address is 2836. Most of the time when they mis-deliver, the letter or package ends up at 2938. And, I get 2936 mail quite often, as well as my next doors neighbor’s mail. This happened this past weekend.  I had ordered Final Cut Pro 2 several months ago.  I received an email saying it had been shipped last week.  Yesterday the doorbell rings and it is a guy from 2936 with my Final Cut Pro 2 package.  Thank humanists that he was honest.  Come on, I can see my drunk ass postal guy making that mistake a lot, but FedEx and UPS? I guess that all three of you guys get together at lunch time and power down 5 or 15 drinks. Be a pro delivery guys…get my package to my house. I do not care if you are hammered just do your job.

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