I woke up on this Sunday to the usual prodding of my fuck-head cat. Of course he wanted food, his modus-operandi being – wake the asshole human up, get fed, go back to sleep. Which he did. So, I made some coffee and opened my front window curtains to an excellent snow fall happening.

I really like morning snow fall. Everything is so quiet in the city when the snow is falling in the morning. My neighbors across the street aren’t even out on their front porch yet yelling at each other. Very nice. So, I grab some coffee and the papers, put on some Thelonius Monk, start a fire and commence reading the Sunday comics. What a good Sunday morning.

Sunday Papers

Fireplace Fire

The comics were fairly decent this week. Opus, Get Fuzzy and Pearls Before Swine delivered as usual. Doonesbury was kind of cheesy this week. Of course, Hagar the Horrible, Family Circus and Prickly City blew usual ass.

In the Denver Post, Ed Quillen had a good piece on “why is Hillary Clinton so far ahead in the polls?” George Will did his same whining about what his beloved republican party needs to do to stay relevant, and the Posts editors tried to tell me how to vote on the upcoming bond issues and Initiative 100. I agreed with them on the bond issues (yes), but not a no on 100 which will make marijuana possession the “lowest priority” for law enforcement. I voted yes on that.

In the New York Times Maureen Dowd had her typical self-serving clap-trap going on. Frank Rich had a wordy piece on the fuck-up that is Iraq and the graft of the contractor class. And, of course Thomas Friedman had his usual “I’m an economic genius” neo-con-horse-shit.

More coffee and then I made breakfast, which consisted of breakfast burritos that were great. You cannot go wrong with potatoes, eggs, cheese, jalapenos, onions, bacon and tortillas.

Breakfast is good.

So, as the fire wears down and the coffee goes cold, I look back at an excellent Sunday morning and look forward to a lazy Sunday afternoon. Go Indians.

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