I just returned from Buffalo, NY serving several weeks of “toil for the man” who pays me to help make the corporate person who employs me more attractive to the investor class.

I had my first experience at the Buffalo airport with the “radiation-give-everyone-cancer so they can look at our junk in the ruse of keeping people safe and enriching certain politicians with no bid contracts for full body scanners.” I had a handkerchief in my back pocket, apparently that will cause a minor panic amongst the TSA morons. So, after I removed that and was dosed with scanner goodness I was on my way into another airport full of enui, angry people, bad coffee and no electrical outlets.

Ahhh, New York, I spent too much of my summer in your humid bosom. First in the Jersey Shore Lite of LawnGuyLand, then in the typical American duality of gritty urban Buffalo and its northern affluent suburbs.

    Observations of Buffalo.

  • Some of the best pizza, subs and chicken wings I have ever eaten.
  • There really are stereotypical J.A.P. women in large Mcmansions all over the eastern U.S.A.
  • Buffalo is very racially segregated.
  • There isn’t much punk rock outside of NYC.

Sure, I spent too much time in NY, and may have to go back again in late September, but, it is always good to get out of your typical existence every now and again and see other places.

When I returned to Denver it was in the high 90sf, but it felt great due to the low humidity. I went to my local and had a few beers with friends then blissfully fell asleep in my own bed as my puppy farted while plopping down next to me. Ahh, typical existence.

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