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Who am I? I am a member of the blank generation. I am a code manipulator cyber-security specialist working in the United States of America. I also do a (not so) “regular” video podcast about skateboarding, surfing, travel, music. I play garage punk rock and folk on guitar. I often dress like a child, but am trying to dress like an adult. I have an insane dog named Keith.

This site is nothing but random things that I like, including some of my photography, tech-work, cooking and or other things. It ain’t that great, but thanks for reading. It is better than some sites.

Side Note: Unless specified all photographs and words on this site are mine. If you want to use any, ask. If I find my stuff being used by you w/o my consent I will hunt you down like the flea-bearing varmint you are. 🙂

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